Planning and Studies

We accompany you in the decision making process in order to define an action plan that will help in improving the results of your organization. IAT helps you alongside this path to choose and design the best options for your future as well as the actions that will favour their achievement.

We offer you all our experience in different areas of specialisation in order to help you assess the ability to succeed of your initiatives (technologies, new markets, new customers) in different scenarios of action and improve your competitive position.

This service is fully configurable according to your needs. However, here these are some of the common products and configurations we offer:

  • Sectors and Companies

Through gathering and analysis of information from the political, social, economic and technological environment and from the set of entities that form a sector, we can have a global view of it, which facilitates decision making in order to improve the competitive position of organizations and companies involved, allowing to:

  • Know value chain of the sector/activity.
  • Identify the influencing variables.
  • Assess the ability to succeed of an initiative in different operational scenarios.
  • Define the business model and strategy: Mission, Vision and Values, ​​Strategic Guidelines and Objectives.
  • Identify what actions and resources are needed to ensure success.

IAT can therefore accompany your organization with different types of actions within this section:

  • Assessment of Plans and Public Policies

Collecting and analysing information related to a particular Plan (Public Policy) in order to determine the degree of implementation within the target.


  • Technology-oriented Studies

It consists on gathering information about a technology or technological area in order to analyze the economic and technical feasibility in different scenarios. Highlighted below are our activities in the following areas (click on the desired area):



Some of those who trust in us are

 Spanish Business Aviation Association – Association of Companies of the Wood and Furniture of the Region of Écija – Builders and Developers Association of Malaga – European Commission / DG REGIO – Spanish Department of Economy, Innovation and Science – Spanish Department of Environment – Spanish Department of Tourism, Trade and Sport – National Council for Science and Technology of Guanajuato (Mexico) – Andean Development Corporation (CAF) – Andalusian Fur and Leather Association (EMPIEL) – Scientific and Technological Park Cartuja ’93 – Technological Park of Andalusia (PTA)

If you would like to request a customized offer, ask any questions or to be contacted by us, please send an email to:

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